What happened if we need to cancel or reschedule?

If you need to cancel your event, we will keep the $100 deposit because we could not offer your day to anyone else and we may have missed a booking. If you have to reschedule to a different date, we will work with you as best we can based on our availability.

What if we want to make changes or edits to the final project?

We will make changes at your request. We keep your project on our server for a week after completion, and any change can be made. After this time period, we can only make additional copies.

What is the turnaround for the completion?

Our contract states that we have 12 to 16 weeks to complete projects, but we usually finish within 2 months.

How much is the deposit?

A $100 deposit will lock in our services for the date of your event.

Are your videos in high definition?

We record all videos in HD and can give you a blu ray disc or a .mov file in high definition. Most of the time you will receive 1 blu ray and 2 DVDs with the completion of our services.

How good is your audio, for ceremonies for example?

We have 3 digital wireless microphones. Usually we put a clip on microphone on the groom and the minister/priest/rabbi. We don’t like to put a microphone on the bride’s wedding dress, but rest assured that the audio will be perfect, as she is either facing the groom or the minister/priest/rabbi. The third microphone has a small stand for a table or podium. It is used when there are multiple speakers from the same location.

How many cameras do you use?

We use 2 HD cameras for most events. I like to use 3 HD cameras for recording ceremonies. We have 4 HD cameras that we are able to use for all events.

Do you stay until the end of the event?

We are not contracted by time, but rather the event, so we stay until the event is over.